January starts..

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I love New Years. I love it because it means it’s new. There are all the mag­a­zines and lists about the best ofs from the year before. It feels big and spa­cious after the hol­i­days are over. It feels full … Con­tinue read­ing

More cookies please…

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Here, it’s warm again…no blan­kets on the bed, cold lunches warm, and it’s a lit­tle funny for me to be receiv­ing all the Christ­mas tid­ings from the north includ­ing a never end­ing bar­rage of emails cel­e­brat­ing with sales and deals … Con­tinue read­ing

Two Food Memories

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When peo­ple think of their child­hood food favorites I imag­ine pan­cakes or mac­a­roni and cheese, those week­end foods that are bland and wrap around you like a soft old blan­ket. This Decem­ber my mom is com­pil­ing a list of recipes … Con­tinue read­ing

Fresh Ginger Cake

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Today is all about mem­ory of food. Between my mom’s fam­ily cook­book, the new artist-friend I am con­vers­ing about food with, and the fact the last few weeks have been spent with a stom­ach bug I am think­ing about food … Con­tinue read­ing

Generosity and Food

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Two days before Thanks­giv­ing and I find myself sit­u­ated in my life which today hap­pens to take me down a long bumpy road where the jun­gle is not so slowly win­ning it’s bat­tle against the pave­ment. It’s vines and branches … Con­tinue read­ing

Tulum and El Camello Jr

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Ok, so one of these days, it will be time for some more recipes. But in the mean­time I have been oggling at these pic­tures from my recent trip to Tul’um with D. It was magic because some­how we timed … Con­tinue read­ing

Yellow Monochrome Party

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Some­times the con­di­tions are right. And by some streak of luck mine was to get to have a beau­ti­ful party with friends. I guess a lit­tle con­text in nec­es­sary, for the past year I have been play­ing with a project … Con­tinue read­ing

Apple Pie (taste better on Saturdays)

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Three weeks and two photo shows, one retreat, and a plane ride later…I found this piece of writ­ing wait­ing for me. I haven’t for­got you out there in internetlandia.…promise. After writ­ing about Mex­ico City and shar­ing the excite­ment of that … Con­tinue read­ing

Agosto with Chilangos

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  This month I wres­tled with myself over what I want to do with this lovely blog that I have been writ­ing for almost  a year now! I love the part of writ­ing to all of you and shar­ing my … Con­tinue read­ing

Vietnamese Salad Rolls

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I know that I have said this before…probably more than once even, but I just have a hard time eat­ing at all when it is so hot. It’s not that I don’t love many things about what the heat brings, … Con­tinue read­ing