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Double Brunch

Some­how in this pace of life where I find myself in a new place every few days sit­ting down to write a real piece seems nearly impos­si­ble. I am in Merida. La ciu­dad blanca. It is per­fect weather and the trees are in bloom. It is the kind of weather that peo­ple here say would ruin the city by attract­ing all the tourists from every­where. I love it.…

Over the past few weeks I ate well and I’ll share more of the places soon but for today I want to share a sun­day where I ate two brunches and felt good about it. They are both in my mind…exactly why Mex­ico City is incredible.

The first was at a friends pop-up called Pichón. It is a brunch pop-up every Sun­day from 10–4 in San Miguel de Cha­pul­te­pec. It is a group of friends who are artists and chefs who source local amaz­ing food includ­ing from farm­ers in the chi­nam­pas in Xocim­ilco (which I love). They make two main dishes a week, I had budin de azteca with blue corn tor­tillas, flor de cal­abaza, and great cheese from Chi­a­pas. Cof­fee is bottomless…you get to eat a long table half inside/half out­side with every­one else coax­ing into a Sunday.

And then a quick walk away, just around the cor­ner from where I used to live D and I stopped for my favorite Mex­ico City sun­day snack. Con­some de bor­rego (Lamb con­some) and hard tacos. Yum. The con­some is hot and gamey and served with onions, cilantro, and limes to squeeze in. My stand is on the cor­ner of Cohuila and Man­zanillo. Every sun­day they are there help­ing peo­ple nurse their hang­overs from the red tent.


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