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A two year birthday

I just looked and this blog has been up and run­ning for a lit­tle more than two years. I guess because of this and the real­ity of intro­spec­tive early Decem­ber incli­na­tions I am  feel­ing less ver­bal and more inclined to share some pictures.

Over the last few weeks I have plunged into the pro­duc­tion of images for an upcom­ing show. My hands are cov­ered in wax and glue, I mostly live in a grimy pair of paja­mas with an end­less pot of tepid tea and I think a lot about tones and tex­tures. This inward look­ing work is just right for this time of year and I alter­nate between mak­ing images and cook­ing not so excit­ing bean soups and hard boiled eggs with kale.

Last week­end the amaz­ing girls at the Moon invited me out to a dye­ing bundling day which reminded me of how much I love the mess of after a crazy Pacific storm. Here are those photos:


To be fol­lowed soon by a pod­cast about Pu-erh in the time it takes to drink a pot of tea.


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