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Street Food and something new!

Well, mostly it has been a week of nose to the grind­stone prepar­ing for new projects which I will share with you soon here. Except for the one thing…which is off the ground and run­ning. D and I are doing a pod­cast! It’s called Paper Wings Farm because we loved the name of our farm (and other parts of it) a lot. Our first episode is about street food. It was really fun to make and we are thrilled to do more.

Check it out here:

So in the spirit of street food I wanted to share this amaz­ing map (pos­si­bly to inspire future projects) of Oak­land taco trucks on of the Bay Area’s tried and true street food options. Here it is!

So lovely peo­ple out there…let me know about your street food fas­ci­na­tions. And leave some com­ments so I know you heard it! More about the Slow Coast soon…


  1. Caitlin Slay

    I loved the pod­cast! It even stirred up an appetite as I lis­tened while dis­sect­ing insects, which is a tough feat!

    Since I have been research­ing IPM in Prunedale I have heard rumor of a taco truck that shows up at the farm site to pro­vide lunch for the work­ers pick­ing berries. This truck makes the rounds of all the large farm sites in the area and you have to be quick to catch it before it moves on to another farm. Not until this sea­son have I actu­ally encoun­tered it. Super cheap and authen­tic Mex­i­can food-small hand­made corn tor­tillas for the tacos and con­tain­ers of diced onions, fresh cilantro and plenty of salsa choices to add to your plate. Of course I ask for a taco sin carne and get a healthy dosage of eye rolling, but I am not a big enough meat eater yet to eat taco truck meat, although my cowork­ers assure me its delicious.

    I work at this farm every week as do the berry pick­ers, so we all rec­og­nize and acknowl­edge each other. How­ever, as they are rac­ing to pick and I am suck­ing bugs up with a vac­uum we dont inter­act with one another besides a smile and a wave. So when the taco truck pulls up and we line up to order there is a com­mon ground and I am able to pay respect to Mex­i­can food, cul­ture and language.

    Thanks for the dis­cus­sion, cant wait till the next one.

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