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Santa Cruz Summer

As I start to explore what is an old-new town for me I wanted to share a cou­ple of the things I’ve found that excite me. I am itch­ing to find the time to sit down and share some of the new ideas  in my head but the days are still full of set­tling into a new house. I am care­fully tend­ing and watch­ing the hun­dreds of baby plants in the gar­den start to grown. I am bump­ing around the kitchen and mov­ing and re-moving things until I know where there fit the best. I am walk­ing long walks on the cliff watch­ing the surfers, seals, and boats in their marine life. Slowly parts of it are becom­ing part of my imag­i­na­tion. And as they get a lit­tle bit more tan­gi­ble I’ll be shar­ing them here with you. But for today…a few new places!

This deli­cious bread walk­ing dis­tance from my house!

Rueben sand­wiches and ice cream.

Sneak­ing off to read this every chance I get!

Wait­ing for next month to go dance here.

Until then. xo


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