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To be fed

Part of the rea­son I began this blog was to explore my fas­ci­na­tion with being in the world as it relates to food, new places, and in many ways the feel­ing of explo­ration. As I con­tinue to write this under­stand­ing is grow­ing and chang­ing as many of you who have been read­ing this over some time know, for the past few months this has been an on-going thread. What will it look like? Sound like? Taste like?

I want to explore and write more with your help about what it means to part of a big­ger food sys­tem. As eaters. Farm­ers. Writ­ers. Mak­ers. Almost-farmers. Sell­ers. Cooks. Fam­i­lies. Teach­ers. Ranch­ers. Occu­piers. Explor­ers. Imaginers.

A big slice of this pie is all the inspi­ra­tion that I take from other projects, places and ideas that float around these same things. I am shar­ing some of these today. And as I con­tinue this explo­ration I’d like some of your help. Keep me inspired with your ideas, thoughts, and com­ments. I am excited to do some inter­views and some more writ­ing about my imag­i­na­tion of what “being fed” means in a broader con­text. Let’s keep talk­ing ok?

These peo­ple look­ing at what if art and food and life all looked a lit­tle more like each other.

Ari’s re-imagining of what din­ner with strangers can be like.

My own color themed ideas.

Keepin’ it real with these tacos.

Lon­don FARM­ers

Fundrais­ing with good taste.

Seeds to ogle over.

Mmmm…so much inspi­ra­tion! Send me yours! I’d espe­cially like to know some more in DF if that is your part of the world.


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