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Radish, Jicama, and Avocado Salad

After about a week of tacos al pas­tor and tiny lit­tle tastes of things with fried meat my body really wanted some­thing else. Prefer­ably some­thing fresh and light.…like salad, but one of the changes here is the dif­fer­ence in avail­abil­ity of veg­eta­bles. While half of my brain is still think­ing kale and stews with squash and dark breads the part of me that is here is look­ing at long rows of stalls of avo­ca­dos, chiles, and lus­cious papayas.

I am cer­tainly not com­plain­ing about this but the Cal­i­for­nia girl that loves a green salad for break­fast, lunch or din­ner is stretched to make some­thing green salad-lik when look­ing at ice­berg let­tuce that is leath­ery. It’s the trop­ics right, not big let­tuce country.

There are how­ever amaz­ing radishes and jica­mas to name a few of the deli­cious things I have to choose from. I love jicama. It’s so fresh and light, totally amaz­ing cut into long pieces with a lit­tle lime juice and salt or grated onto a sand­wich (or taco.) Really it’s just so ver­sa­tile, usu­ally pretty cheap to buy, and gets along well with other foods. I look for­ward to explor­ing it more.

So for lunch the other day I made this salad to enjoy the sharp­ness of all the tasty things here.

If you can’t find jicama give an apple or a firm pear a shot, mmm or maybe some fennel…I think that would be deli­cious too.

5 radishes sliced thinly

1 cup jicama sliced into thin pieces

1 avo­cado sliced

1/2 cup of pump­kin seeds

1/2 cup of cilantro


Juice of 1 lime

Driz­zle of olive oil

Salt to taste

Black pep­per to taste

Arrange your veg­gies on the plate in a way that pleases the eye. Sprin­kle cilantro and pump­kin seeds on top. Dress with lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Eat it with your friends because food tastes bet­ter that way.

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