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West Marin Time

Just a few more days than a month ago I D and I returned from Mex­ico. In the last month I have barely breathed with all the things I am doing. This week is the first time I am begin­ning to slow down and sink into this West Marin place. I love it’s quiet grace­ful­ness and the aus­ter­ity of it’s hills. I am spend­ing time in the stu­dio with my hands work­ing on the ideas that have been float­ing around for months.

One of the things I am look­ing for­ward to in this time is hav­ing more time to write and share some of the things that have been rac­ing through my head about food, wild­ness, change, and prac­tices.

For today though a few pic­tures and sug­ges­tions will have to do.

Come to this and learn about oys­ters and seashores. 

Eat a lamb burger here.

Go for a walk with your brother or some­one else you like a lot.

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